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Every Englishman's home is his castle...

So the saying goes, so society shows - Owning a property is still one of the most common aspirations for people when asked about the future.

If they've already got themselves on the property ladder, that aspiration might turn to saving money with a Remortgage, or getting that extension build, or buying an Investment Property - A nest-egg, or something to do with Aunt Maud's inheritance. Or maybe your needs are more complex - Whether its buying a property at Auction, or getting some additional funding for your business, or even releasing equity from your home to make your retirement a bit easier, the team at Acumen Mortgages will take care of you from A to Z.

The mortgage market can seem like something of a maze, with so many choices & options available to pick from. At Acumen Mortgages, its our aim to understand your opinions & needs to make sure that we can cut through the jargon & recommend a product that not only does what you need, but makes sense to you too!

To find out more about the different types of mortgages, hover over titles below. For a more detailed explanation, get in touch with one our expert advisers

  • First Time Buyer Mortgages - Getting onto the Ladder

    Ready to take the plunge and get yourself onto that first rung of the property ladder? Finally had enough of living with Mum & Dad, or paying your landlords mortgage? The team at Acumen Mortgages can help! From talking you through the different schemes available to help, to explaining the different kinds of mortgages available, our mortgage experts are on hand to guide you through the whole process, all the way up to when you pick up the keys.
  • Moving Home? - Time for a change of scenery

    Need an extra bedroom? Maybe a bigger garden? What about trying to get into the catchment area for that school that you've been looking at? There are lots of ways that we can help, whether its finding the best deal for you or helping you to search for that dream property.
  • Remortgages - Save some money or release some equity

    Coming to the end of your current deal is a naturally opportunity to review your mortgage arrangements, and maybe to take advantage of it too! Be it just a case of getting your payments down or reducing your term to shave years off your mortgage, or even releasing some of the equity from your home to make a dream come true!
  • Buy to Let Mortgages - Time to become a property magnate

    While it's true that we're a nation who aspires to own our own home, its not always a dream that can come true straight away for everyone. With interest rates on savings so low, millions of people have taken the plunge & invested in Bricks & Mortar. Baffled by the terms, or unsure how the new legislation might affect you? Give us a call or drop us an email now!
  • Specialist Mortgages - Evidence that one size doesn't fit all

    Whether its funding for your unusual property purchase, Finance to fund an Auction purchase or something else, one of our expert team will be able to help!

Please note that the above information is for explanation purposes only - To find out about the right type of mortgage for you, or if you have any questions, please get in touch with us!